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Two Pennies To Rub - Forthcoming Release

News Update: From - Jon Camp

Before Maurice and I found each other and became musical partners, he had an idea for an album that encapsulated the heart, feeling, landscapes and the struggles that Northumbria, his birth place had endured over history. Maurice was raised in a children's home, and although not the best of upbringings, he always made the most of any situation and thrived on adversity becoming the fine musician, songwriter and gentleman that he is today. The album, entitled "Two Pennies To Rub" is now in the final stages of production and should be available in a couple of months.It's a fine piece of work with much diversity, and Maurice's lyrics and insight of Northumberland transport you there in an instant. Everything on the album is from the heart and although it's always been "The Folk Project" to us it goes way beyond that designation in many, many ways.For my part, I have played bass on the album, and helped a little with arrangements and production ideas, beyond that it's 100% Maurice Douglas. We'll be posting some sample tracks on the MoJo in the coming weeks so please have a listen-you'll love it-Jon. "Urgent Delivery" 5 Star ***** Review: THE BEST WISHBONE ASH RECORD THEY NEVER RECORDED

April 11, 2018

JON CAMP comprises 20% of my all-time favourite "lead bassists" (alongside Chris Squire, Martin Turner, Steve Harris and Geezer Butler). His contribution to symphonic progressive rock's exquisite RENAISSANCE - as bassist, vocalist (sharing responsibility with angelic songbird par excellence ANNIE HASLAM) and occasional composer (whenever Mickey and Betty were out playing golf I guess) - cannot be overstated.

MAURICE DOUGLAS was once a touring member of the aforementioned Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash (a better ensemble, in my estimation, than Andy Powell's... but I digress) In 2017 Camp and Douglas pooled their talents as MOJO (MoJo - presumably an amalgam of its principals' names) (Wait... wouldn't it be "MauJo"?) and released their debut album (yeah I still say "record" and "album" - so what?) tantalizingly titled "URGENT DELIVERY". Now, I had lost track of Jon many years ago, after Renaissance's two eighties"neo-new-wave" releases (no comment). It wasn't till I accidentally came across a 2012 interview about a month ago that I learned he's alive and well (indeed, only he and Annie still are) AND making new music. I was quite pleased to read as much.

DISCLAIMER: I am hesitant about using other bands' names in a record review context... but I'm gonna do it anyway.

In the late eighties. I.R.S. (We Americans LOVE those initials, don't we?) Records released a series of all-instrumental albums on their No-Speak sub-label - among them 1987's "Nouveau Calls" (an awkward spelling of "no vocals") by another of my favourite bands: WISHBONE ASH. A long forgotten reviewer of the day derisively labeled the record (a record label, as it were... but I digress again) "Wishbone Lite" (Hmm, sounds like a salad dressing, doesn't it... but I... okay, nevermind) Personally, I quite enjoyed "Nouveau Calls", even wishing over the years they'd make a "sequel", but they didn't (dammit). HOWEVER...

... MOJO has gallantly fulfilled my wishes, albeit unintentionally. I freely admit to purchasing "Urgent Delivery" solely on the merits of Jon Camp's brilliant seventies output. I was unaware the new record was an all-instrumental affair till I removed it from its packaging, slapped it into my drive tray and excitedly hit Music Bee's (good program) "play" button. As the opening notes of "45 RPM" blasted outa my speakers, there came that ol' wonderfully familiar "lead bass". I smiled broadly, and said to myself (or possibly aloud), "OBOY! This is gonna be GREAT!" ("Urgent Delivery" indeed!) As I blissfully digested the eleven songs on my latest digitally encoded acquisition, I found myself beside myself (neat trick, huh?) I kid you not - I was positively overjoyed. I also became aware that I had long ago heard these sounds - not these particular songs, mind you - but I may have heard in previous life. Then, to my chagrin, I remembered I don't believe in reincarnation. I couldn't quite place it; Martin Turner? No. Remember, there are only TWO musicians on this record (and neither is Martin), and THEY are making ALL these glorious sounds! Again, here are there names (Pay attention... it may be on the test): Jon Camp and Maurice Douglas. Uh-huh, that's right - ALL bass parts (!!), all guitars, all keyboards and percussion were written, arranged and performed by Mo and Jo. Characterising "Urgent Delivery" as the unrealised sequel to "Nouveau Calls" would be foolish (although, given our duo's impressive pedigree, maybe they'd be flattered). "Urgent Delivery" isn't necessarily derivative but, to any given listener, it COULD be reminiscent of a recording I may or may not have discussed earlier. I have avoided telling you, dear reader, what my favourite song on this record is; moreover, I have chosen to skip the blow-by-blow description of each. Here's what I WILL do: I will proffer my personal endorsement (and that's a BIG deal) and I will tell you, unflinchingly: Mojo's "Urgent Delivery" is the FINEST instrumental recording I have heard since... (?) It is superb, sublime and scintillating (alliteration - pretty cool, huh?) Apparently, Repertoire produced only 500 CDs; so if you - like me - prefer a tangible product over the ubiquitous digital download (how boring!) then GRAB YOURSELF COPY WHILE YOU CAN!

To Jon, should he read this: See? I told you I'm an English teacher.

Posted: 02/06/2018

Latest News:

Urgent Delivery - Digipak Relese December 22nd 2017 @ Amazon - BUY

New instrumental album release for 2017 by ex Renaissance & Martin Turner members.

11 tracks written and composed by Maurice Douglas & Jon Camp.

Urgent Delivery is a category-defying album.

MoJo is the brainchild of Jon Camp and Maurice Douglas. Jon is best known for his work as the bassist, vocalist and songwriter with Renaissance, as a producer, and for his work with Roy Wood. Maurice’s musical ventures have included his live work with Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash, as well as creating his own albums, and engineering and production work. Urgent Delivery is an eclectic mix of eleven instrumental tracks that sees both players in top form. Ranging from rock / acoustic / classical / and eastern music, MoJo’s aim is to appeal to a wide variety of listeners by offering an instrumental album to capture the mood.

Posted: 18/12/2017





Sea of Tranquility: Cathedrale J2-B2 Album Review:

Having left Renaissance in the late 80s, bassist and vocalist Jon Camp found himself working with Robin George and his band Dangerous Music. As they prepared to go on tour the outfit suddenly required a new keyboard player due to ill health, bringing John Young (who would also perform with Asia at around the same time) into the fold. Camp and Young hit it off and after the tour had ended the pair began writing songs. Asking guitarist Brett Wilde onboard alongside drummer Tony Bodene the band, now dubbed Cathédrale began recording, seven tracks put on tape as the eighties turned into the nineties. In terms of sound however, there's no doubt that it was the earlier decade that dominated, a style incorporating short staccato bursts of guitar and upbeat synths combined to the optimistic vocals (provided by both Camp and Young) that so encapsulated the 80s UK pop scene.

Read More @

Cathedrale J2-B2 Album Review

Posted: 29/09/2017


New Release from Cathedral featuring Jon Camp: September 27th 2017

I am pleased to announce that Angel Air Records are releasing the Cathedrale album J2-B2 on September 29th. As a lot of you know this is the band that I formed with John Young, Brett wilde and Tony Bodene after leaving Renaissance.




Posted: 15/07/2017


JON CAMP Statement :

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that Maurice and I(MoJo) have secured a release for our new album-"Urgent Delivery" with Repertoire Records. As you probably know Repertoire have been distributing Renaissance product, old and new for some years now and it's great for us to continue our relationship with these great people! The album should be available in the autumn, and Maurice and I would like to thank Thomas and Nick for all their hard work in putiing this together for us-Jon.

Posted: 12/07/2017



This week's edition includes an interview with Jon Camp (Renaissance) and Maurice Douglas (Martin Turner Ex Wishbone Ash) with regards to their new project MoJo and recording "Urgent Delivery".

The Erotic Dancer's Guide to Fine Music on CJSR FM 88.5 / - Jon Camp / Maurice Douglas Interview

Posted: 12/07/2017


Urgent Delivery Album is now available for a limited period from this website as a digital download.

As we are still in negotiations with one record company in particular, and this can be a very time consuming process Maurice and Jon have decided for a limited time to make our new album "Urgent Delivery" available as a download-either as individual tracks or the entire album including the cover image. Many people have been asking when the album would be available and it seemed only fair to make it accessible in this format for a time until we finalise a commercial release. Please go to

Please also visit: Track by Track: Mojo - Urgent Delivery



Posted: 18/06/2017

Jon Camp & Maurice Douglas of MoJo, have been speaking to "DMME Let It Rock Magazine" regarding their up and coming album release "Urgent Delivery".

Posted: 27/05/2017


Soundbites now available @ Soundcloud

We will rotate the Soundbites as much as possible until "Urgent Delivery" release.

Posted: 19/05/2017


Urgent delivery album featuring 11 Instrumental tracks is now in the final mastering stages.
Further updates will appear here very soon.

Posted: 23/04/2017


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