From the recording Two Pennies To Rub

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WAV 16 Bit 1411kbps


Once In A While

I wonder if it's something
That I said, or didn’t say
She seemed so very distant
Almost far away
I’ll try and be a better man,
I’ll make you proud if I can
If I could get inside your head
Just for a moment

What does it take to win your heart
I don't know really where to start
She softly whispered in ear
That moment
And said

Just bring me flowers
Once in a while
Bring me flowers
With a smile

Some things we take for granted
And never give, a second thought
Its little things that make a difference
To win a women’s heart
And If I made you feel unwanted
That was never my intended plan
I really should have never doubted
Just kept my faith in what we have

There’s nothing more that I can offer
What you see is what you get
And I will plant a thousand seeds
I promise You that

And bring you flowers
Once in a while
Bring you flowers
That’s all she asks

Bring her flowers